Multiple COVID-19 cases reported at ECC

El Camino College (ECC) has had a total of 12 confirmed cases of COVID-19, beginning from March 23, the most recent confirmed case of COVID-19 was reported on Tuesday, Sept. 8.

According to an email sent out on Wednesday, Sept. 9, by the ECC Office of Marketing and Communications, a member of the ECC community tested positive for COVID-19, making it the 12th case to occur at ECC. The individual was last seen on campus on September 3. To protect their privacy, whether the individual is a student, faculty or staff was not disclosed.

Individuals who might have been in the same area as the person who tested positive have been notified by the Director of Risk Management, Michael Pascual. The individual remained inside a private vehicle and no further cleaning was required, according to the email.

This confirmation comes after a string of cases that happened through the spring and summer sessions.

On Friday, May 29, the ninth case of COVID-19 was confirmed. A second construction worker, who was working at the ECC campus outside the enclosed construction zone was last on campus Thursday, May 21, according to an email by ECC’s Office of Marketing and Communications.

On Tuesday, June 30, the tenth case was confirmed. According to an email sent out by ECC Student Information, the campus community member was last seen on campus June 22, but followed proper social distancing guidelines and no close contact with any other individuals.

On Tuesday, July 28, the 11th case was confirmed. According to the email sent out by officials, the individual was last seen on campus July 23. It was confirmed that implemented social distancing guidelines were followed at all times and there was no close contact with other individuals. The email did not state whether it was a student or a faculty member who was infected.

To keep ECC case numbers down, officials advise students and faculty continue to follow guidelines implemented by public health officials and elected officials such as stay at home orders, social distancing and proper hygiene guidelines.

Editors note: Article was updated with a missed cased of COVID-19 (June 30) and number of cases and title of the piece were changed in order to be accurate.