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Spring 2021 will be conducted online with select exceptions for essential industry classes

By Alexandra Davenport

September 28, 2020

The spring 2021 semester is officially online, with some exceptions for essential industry and hard-to-convert classes, at El Camino College. According to an email announcement from ECC president and superintendent Dena Maloney, essential industry ...

Eleventh COVID-19 case reported at ECC

By Estrella Ramos

September 9, 2020

El Camino College (ECC) has had a total of eleven confirmed cases of COVID-19, beginning from March 23, the most recent confirmed case of COVID-19 was reported on Tuesday, Sept. 8. According to an email sent out on Wednesday,...

Now is not the time to be protesting Stay-at-Home orders and closures

By Molly Cochran

June 12, 2020

With the long-lasting continuation of stay-at-home orders in California and no end in sight, protests against quarantine increase.Unfortunately, these protests are damaging to the way Americans look at the coronavirus pandemic ...

Coping during quarantine

By Oscar Macias

May 28, 2020

It has been about two months since quarantine has started due to COVID-19. At first, we all thought that it was going to last about a few weeks at most. However, as it became extended, the mental health and well-being of many p...

How to make a difference in your community during a pandemic

By Logan Tahlier

May 26, 2020

The coronavirus is impacting the El Camino College community in many ways; so here are a few ways to get involved or make a difference in your community for those who wish to volunteer or help those in need.1. Support and Feed: ...

Experts provide strategies to avoid getting COVID-19

By Jorian Palos

April 24, 2020

Because of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), everyday actions such as cleanliness and social distancing are important steps we can all take to battle this national emergency. COVID-19, the respiratory illness, first emerged...

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