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Welcome to The Union website, the student-run news organization of El Camino College in Torrance, Calif.

The work done here is done by students in the Advanced Photojournalism, Magazine Editing and Production, Newspaper Publication and Multimedia Journalism classes. Our goal is to publish online daily during the spring and fall semesters. Each semester, we publish a print newspaper once every two to three weeks.

We’re a full student-run publication, meaning all editorial decisions are made by students. Students choose the stories to assign and write, students edit the stories and students design each print edition of the newspaper. The editorials represent the views of the editorial board. The columns represent the views of the writer. Neither are representations of what the newspaper staff, other students, our advisers, faculty or the administration think.

Have a question or comment? Our email address is [email protected] The newsroom phone number is 310-660-3328. The newsroom is located on the first floor on the west side of the Humanities Building at El Camino.

The advisers of The Union are Kate McLaughlin and Stefanie Frith.

“Requests for deletions or removal

Online material remains accessible indefinitely, we may receive requests to remove stories by audience members who are either principals in stories, or are affected by them.

We generally do not agree to requests to remove published material from our web pages, because our published content is a matter of public record. To change the content of previously published material alters that record. Altering the record could undermine our credibility and the public’s trust in our journalism.

There can be exceptions to this position — where there are legal or personal safety considerations to the person named.

Requests to remove material should be referred to the Editor-in-chief.” – Adapted from CBC Ombudsman.



The student news site of El Camino College