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The ‘One and Done’ rule should change

El Camino freshman and guard Vaitai Tuione scores on a layup against Long Beach City guard Brandon Cerda at El Camino College on Friday, Feb. 16. The one-and-done rule has affected college basketball in a negative way. (Monroe Morrow | The Union)

The one and set eligibility rules for college basketball should be eliminated because it does not benefit the majority of the players.

According to the newsletter by Grand Valley Lanthorn, the National Collegiate Athletics Association extended eligibility from five to six years since the COVID-19 pandemic.

The National Basketball Association is the only basketball league with the one-and-done rule, that hurts college basketball players. The rule was created in 2005 to encourage high school players to attend college. According to the website Hoops Habit, the NBA has this rule in order to help players prepare for the professional level.

For collegiate football, the eligibility rule to play professionally is three years out of high school, using their college eligibility before the next draft.

Male college basketball athletes that play in college on two to three percent play professionally.

Only 60 players are drafted to the National Basketball Association each year, compared to other professional sports, which have triple the numbers.

Not everyone who is drafted plays professionally in the NBA. Some play in the minor league, the NBA G League, while some play professionally overseas.

Even though college basketball players can choose to leave or stay, the NCAA should enforce a longer stay so they can develop their skills for the professional level.

As a coach, I know that many young basketball players do not know the game like they think they do. Social media has an influence on players, where they learn to pick up unhealthy habits from different platforms.

According to the Women’s National Basketball Association, the rule is that players have to be three years of college (20-22 years old) a graduating senior with a degree.

Having male athletes stay longer in college can improve their education so they can focus on their priorities.

There is also a chance to increase the draft percentage so more players can play at the professional level.

As a high school boys’ basketball coach and a travel ball coach with friends who coach on the college level, I have personally witness myself.

High school boys’ basketball players who receive a Division I offer only continue to play if they are prepared.

According to NBC Sports, about 60% of players transfer or stop playing.

The NCAA should consider stopping the one-and-done rule because of the low rate of players entering the NBA draft

If you look at baseball professionally there eligibility is completely different from the rest.

Major League Baseball requires three years for being eligible for the draft of college to be eligible. Extending the requirement can be beneficial to college basketball players.

This is frustrating as a coach because I’ve witnessed players who have made it to the Division One level and quit. After all, they weren’t prepaid.

It’s more than basketball; it is about life and how to manage your time at the college level.

How can we make this happen as a coach? How can we prepare these young men?

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