Four more cases of COVID-19 on ECC campus

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, the total number of confirmed cases on El Camino’s campus has risen from 12 to 16, with all four new cases occurring in November.

According to an email sent by ECC Student Information, the 13th COVID-19 case was confirmed on Nov. 6, and the individual was last seen on campus on Nov. 3. No one else was present in the area the individual was in on campus.

The 14th and 15th cases were both confirmed on Nov. 16, according to an email sent by ECC Student Information the same day.

The individual with the 14th case was last seen on campus on Nov. 10, while the individual with the 15th case was last seen on Nov. 12.

The 16th and most recent case was confirmed on Nov. 25 and was last on campus Nov. 19.

According to an ECC Student Information email sent on Nov. 25, this individual was not infected when they last visited campus. The individual not being infected at the time when on campus was determined when analyzing guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Los Angeles County Department of Public Health.

As a precaution, anyone who may have been present in the same area of campus as the individuals who tested positive has been notified by the Director of Risk Management, Michael Pascual.

El Camino College has asked students and employees via email to follow directions given by public health and elected officials during the outbreak, and to follow stay-at-home orders from Los Angeles County and the state of California, by following correct social distancing practices, and continuing to maintain proper hygiene.

In an email sent on Dec. 1, EC mentioned the new Los Angeles County Department of Public Health (LACDPH) “Safer-at-Home” Health Officer Order, explaining what limits on gathering and suggestions to residents have been put in place.

According to the email, ECC’s prevention practices are reviewed and adjusted based on protocols from LACDPH, and they are continually cleaning and disinfecting campus, distributing personal protective equipment, and updating the Campus Reopening Safety Plan.

Editors note: Number of cases updated due to a missed case in a previous COVID-19 brief.