Warriors badminton team beats Compton twice in 1 day, extends winning streak to 3


Warriors badminton player Sunya Unger serves during a doubles set against Compton College on Friday, April 5, at El Camino College. Sunya Unger and doubles partner Lauren Ritter went on to win both of their sets 21-18 and 21-11. Photo credit: Rosemary Montalvo

The El Camino College Warriors women’s badminton team beat the Compton College Tartars 12-0 on Friday, April 5. This was expected to be the only match of the day, but scheduling conflicts for games later in the season forced El Camino and Compton College to play a second match.

Compton College was scheduled to play El Camino on Friday, April 19, but El Camino was also scheduled to play East Los Angeles that same day.

Both teams’ coaches agreed to play their April 19 match that same day.

The second set of matches began without a hitch right after the first set of matches ended.

El Camino beat Compton College in the second match 11-0.

“I didn’t expect to play two matches today honestly,” Warriors badminton player Lauren Ritter said. “I feel good. I’m proud of everyone that showed up.”

Before the start of the first match, both the Warriors and the Compton College Tartars respectfully introduced themselves to each other and shook hands.

“Pasadena College clinched the league but if we win today’s match, we’re guaranteed second,” Warriors coach John Britton said.

Warriors badminton player Sunya Unger serves during her singles match against Compton College on Friday, April 5, at El Camino College. The Warriors beat the Tartars 12-0. Photo credit: Rosemary Montalvo

Warriors and Tartars players shared jokes and shared entertaining moments with each other and didn’t hesitate to give each other pointers.

Warriors badminton player Riley Arrowhead enjoyed the day and felt good about how she played.

“I felt like I had a bit more experience than my opponent today, so it was more of a laid-back game,” Arrowhead said. “But still lots of fun.”

“Badminton is harder than people think and the idea that badminton is a relaxed, not a competitive sport, is wrong,” Ritter said. “It’s competitive and it’s a workout.”

The Warriors badminton team now boasts a strong 5-2 season record. Their final regular season matches are on the road against Compton College and East Los Angeles.

The Warriors are currently on a three-game winning streak.