Virtual health screening required before entering ECC Campus

For students and faculty to enter the El Camino College campus for any reason, it is required that they do an online health screening for COVID-19.

According to an email sent by ECC Student Information, before students come on campus they must “conduct virtual daily health self-screenings from home.”

In order to take this self-screening, students need to complete the MedicatConnection Virtual Health Screening portal and register an account.

After an account has been created, students can then click on the COVID-19 tab of the site and take the online questionnaire that is needed before going on campus. If a student is seen as negative for COVID-19, they are allowed to enter the campus.

Students must complete the questionnaire each time they want to enter the campus, as their results expire at midnight of that day.

ECC also reminds students that “visits to campus must be essential and limited to transactions or course attendance that cannot be conducted remotely.”