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How to make a difference in your community during a pandemic

The coronavirus is impacting the El Camino College community in many ways; so here are a few ways to get involved or make a difference in your community for those who wish to volunteer or help those in need.

1. Support and Feed:

Support and Feed is an organization where each donation provided goes to plant-based restaurants around Los Angeles to help pay for food, which is distributed to first responders, healthcare workers, senior homes and food banks each week. Donating provides first responders with food and provides places where people who need help the most can be fed. Click here for more information.

2. Alzheimer’s Association:

The Alzheimer’s Association provides different services including therapy and caregiving services to families who have loved ones experiencing Alzheimer’s disease. If you register for their annual The Longest Day event, you can choose an activity that will help raise funds for Alzheimer’s research. Through many different fundraising options decided on by the participant from arts and crafts to table tennis, a portion of proceeds will go to the Alzheimer’s Association. Participants’ donations help to provide necessary programs and features offered to families with a member with Alzheimer’s. Click here to register as a participant for the event.

3. Papa Pal:

Papa is a company where college students, health care professionals, or even you can become a “Papa Pal” and help senior citizens with house chores, companionship and technology. During the coronavirus pandemic, Papa is hiring people to have virtual calls with seniors to check in on them or see how they are doing and if any help is needed. To get involved, click here.

4. Check in on elderly or at-risk neighbors:

Something we can all do to spread kindness during the pandemic is checking in on our older or immune-compromised neighbors by either asking them if they need any food from the grocery store or even assisting them with daily chores that will help make their life less stressful. However, be sure to protect yourself and them with a proper facial covering, hand washing, and social distancing.

5. Make masks:

Buying materials to help make masks or other necessary medical supplies to provide to local hospitals, neighbors and others in need can also benefit the community. To learn how to make masks, click here.

6. Avoid panic buying:

A simple way we can all do our part is by not “panic buying” food and stockpiling, so that grocery stores can have enough food and supplies for everyone in the community. This also helps prevent food waste, with excess food spoiling. Also, before going to the store, ask your neighbors if they need anything to lower the number of people entering essential buildings and stores.

7. Order takeout from local restaurants:

Provide business to your local restaurants to help relieve the financial burden the coronavirus may have on them by using apps such as DoorDash, Postmates, GrubHub and Uber Eats. Doing so will help keep businesses open instead of many restaurants going out of business until the economy reopens and recovers.,,,

8. Instacart:

For those who either don’t have a job right now due to the coronavirus pandemic, Instacart is hiring people to provide services to those around the community who want their shopping items delivered. As a shopper, you can accept batches or orders that are either delivery only where it’s picked up and delivered or full shopper where you shop for their whole grocery list and deliver. To apply click here, fill out the form and the company will send an email entailing the rest of the process.

9. TikTok:

TikTok, a popular video app, has people around the world creating videos that show powerful messages or even something cute or funny to brighten someone else’s day. These videos bring joy to those who watch them, help the time pass and raise morale during self-quarantine.

10. Maintain a healthy lifestyle:

While many are trying to maintain a healthy diet, stay-at-home orders and boredom can sometimes get in the way. Even if you eat “bad food” during the day, just finish the day off with some healthy foods such as those with high proteins and antioxidants instead of stressing out. Some foods that offer high nutritional values are berries, high protein shakes, bars, or food that replenishes electrolytes and a daily dose of vitamins in your body. Working out and maintaining a routine sleep schedule and will also help you stay healthy during quarantine.

11. The All in Challenge:

The All In Challenge has various actors, influencers, athletes and other celebrities donating one of a kind experiences such as hitting the slopes with the legendary Shaun White, going behind the scenes at a Las Vegas Golden Knights game, or a day with Snoop Dogg. For a chance to win, visit their website and click on either sweepstakes or auctions. The options include: $10 for 10 entries, $25 for 50 entries, and $50 for 100 entries into the lottery pool. Money raised through the All in Challenge will go to charities such as, Feeding America, No Kid Hungry, Meals on Wheels and World Central Kitchen.

In the meantime, try your best to stay inside and continue following the guidelines stated by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to help flatten the curve of cases and hopefully reopen the economy sooner.

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