Fifth COVID-19 case confirmed at El Camino College


A model of the coronavirus created by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. A fifth coronavirus case was confirmed within the El Camino College community on Friday, April 10. Photo Credit: CDC

A fifth novel coronavirus case within the El Camino College community was confirmed Friday, April 10, according to an email from ECC’s Office of Marketing and Communications.

According to the email, the latest individual tested positive for the novel coronavirus on Friday, March 20.

After experiencing symptoms and initially requiring hospitalization, the individual was sent home to recover.

This comes approximately 24 hours after officials confirmed ECC’s fourth case via email after a construction company employee tested positive for COVID-19.

ECC officials did not address whether the individuals that have tested positive for the coronavirus were students, faculty or staff. Individual’s information will remain undisclosed, as it is considered confidential by ECC officials.

ECC officials continue to urge members of the college community to follow protocols issued by public health and elected officials including the stay-at-home order, maintaining social distancing and practicing thorough hygiene.