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El Camino men’s soccer team bolsters winning streak after victory over Chaffey

El Camino forwards Jovanny Mejia (number 11, far left) and Steven Alvarenga ( number 19, center) and other Warriors celebrating a goal during the Sept. 22 home game against Chaffey . (Bryan Sanchez | The Union)

The El Camino men’s soccer team defeated the Chaffey College Panthers in a shutout 4-0 home game that took place at the Soccer Field on Sept. 22, upping their win streak to five in a row.

The game began slowly as both teams struggled to make headway against each other, with the first goal being made by El Camino forward Diego Garcia, assisted by midfielder Ty Kerns, at the 10-minute mark.

The ball remained on Panther’s side of the field as the Warriors kept a consistent offense, giving Chaffey goalie David Ayala a workout with multiple shots and saves throughout the first period.

“We always try to establish ourselves… and impose ourselves in the game,” El Camino’s men’s soccer coach Michael Jacobson said when speaking to The Union after the game.

The game was temporarily stopped after Chaffey defender Juan Ceniceros was injured near their goal post at the 25-minute mark and was replaced by Chaffey player Diego Martinez-Acost.

Our own crew showing the sportsmen ship on helping the team out in order to make sure all players are safe.(Bryan Sanchez | The Union)
El Camino health officials checking on number 23 Chaffey soccer player Juan Ceniceros who was injured near their goal post at the 25-minute mark of the Sept. 22 home game. Chaffey replaced the injured player with number 8, Diego Martinez-Acost. (Bryan Sanchez | The Union)

The game then went into the Warriors’ field, with El Camino goalie Donovan Palomares saving a shot from Chaffey player Julio Martinez just before the 34-minute mark.

The Warriors quickly shifted the ball back onto the Panthers, bringing in an aggressive push to the goal.

The push paid off as Warrior forward Marvin Gamez headed in a pass by defender Aldahir Rua into the goal, scoring El Camino another point at the 35-minute mark.

Marvin Gamez going head to head in order to pass the enemy in order to score a point for El Camino to keep the winning streak. (Bryan Sanchez | The Union)
Marvin Gamez (number 29) goes head-to-head against a Chaffey player in an attempt to score a point for El Camino during a Sept. 22 home game. (Bryan Sanchez | The Union)

El Camino’s men’s soccer captain Nicholas Baltazar said the second period was more favorable for the Warriors

“I felt like we set off a little too slow, we were playing a little too direct,” Baltazar said. “In the second half it felt like we had more control of the game and that’s when we were able to get most of our goals.”

Seven minutes into the second period, a foul on the Panthers led to a penalty kick by the Warriors, with El Camino forward Marvin Gamez’s penalty shot saved by Chaffey goalie Erik Flores.

Flores would then go on and defend the goal from two other shots by Warrior forwards Steven Alvarenga and Jovanny Mejia early in the second period.

Michael Van Kleeck doing his best on not being robbed from the ball and preparing to pass it on. (Bryan Sanchez | The Union)
El Camino soccer player Michael Van Kleeck, (number 8) battles past several Chaffey players in an attempt to score during the Sept. 22 home game at El Camino College. . (Bryan Sanchez | The Union)

The Warriors would ultimately triumph, with El Camino forward Diego Garcia shooting his second goal of the game, assisted by midfielder Alex Salas.

The Panthers coulden’t recover after Chaffey forward Luis Casillas was handed a red card and ejected for committing a second caution-able offense at 68 minutes.

The Warriors took advantage of the ejection with El Camino midfielder Justin Ramirez, with an assisted from forward Jovanny Mejia, hitting the fourth and final goal of the game.

Franco de Luna kicking the ball to pass it on in the hopes of it being scored since it was a split second decision. (Bryan Sanchez | The Union)
Warrior Franco de Luna (number 6) attempts to kick the ball to a fellow Warrior in hopes of assisting in a goal during the Friday, Sept. 22 home game against Chaffey . (Bryan Sanchez | The Union)

Even with the game being a shutout win coach Jacobson said the game was also a learning lesson for the Warriors.

“Even though it was a four-zero game, I think we have [enough quality] where we feel we should be scoring every single time we come down the field,” Jacobson said.

Chaffey men’s soccer Head Coach Chris Araya took the loss well and gave the Warriors credit when speaking after the game.

“It was a good game, El Camino definitely played really well,” Araya said. “We were performing well in the beginning and then just kind of fell apart a bit, but that’s the nature of the game sometimes.”

El Camino (7-1-0) will face off against Bakersfield College (1-5-2) for their following game.

Next Match
El Camino vs. Bakersfield College
@ El Camino
Date: Tuesday, Sept. 26.
Time: 3 p.m.


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