Warriors run riot at L.A. Mission

With momentum in the Warriors favor, sophomore third baseman Reina Trejo all but finished off the game with a home run midway through the game, which helped EC earn a huge 10-2 victory away at L.A. Mission last Friday.

“We came out and played our hardest,” sophomore pitcher Danielle Bonsky said. “Everybody got at least one hit so they really did their job and contributed to the game.”
The offense dominated the game, with six different players getting at least one RBI. Coach Elaine Martinez was proud of the amount of hits her team got, and revealed their secret to success this season.

“That’s kind of how hitting goes,” Martinez said. “It comes in waves, and you ride that wave up high, then it flattens a little and sometimes you get into crevices, so we’re just trying to find more consistency, which will be the key for us during the rest of the season to determine whether we make playoffs or not.”

EC came out hitting as the offense has seen a major improvement lately. They’ve averaged 11 runs over the past two games, and these results are attributed to hard work off the pitch.

“I think [our hitting] has definitely improved. I think working on it all the time in practice and keeping up with our drills has helped us a lot,” Trejo said.

The win at L.A. Mission marks the end of a long run of seven consecutive away games as the team is happy to be back playing at EC for a change.

“It’ll be nice to be back at home,” Martinez said. “We haven’t had one in over a week, so we’re looking to forward to having a home game.”

Thirteen of their remaining 15 game are against conference opposition, who are direct rivals for a playoff spot. With the postseason on the horizon, the Warriors are keeping their feet on the ground but are determined to fight for a berth.

“We can’t say for sure we will make playoffs, but we’re confident,” Bonsky said. “Anything can happen, but I feel like we’re confident enough and can beat these upper level teams to make the playoffs.”

EC took an early 2-0 lead before adding another run in the fourth inning. Seven more runs in the pivotal fifth inning clinched the 10-2 victory away to L.A. Mission.

The Warriors’ record stands at 11-8 after this win and they’ll hope to keep the run going when they travel to Pasadena College March 13.