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Best spots to find parking on campus

On the first day of class this semester, I pulled into Parking Lot D where I use to park last semester hoping to find a spot.

After spending 15 minutes driving all the way to the top and then spending another 10 minutes coming all the way back down I started to panic thinking I would be late to class.

I drove from Lot D to the other side of campus to Lot L hoping to find an open spot but instead it was more of the same story and it took me another 15 minutes.

After that, I went to Lot H where I didn’t have any luck either and it started to become extremely frustrating.

I started to freak out even more now, and then I thought to myself, “where else is there parking on campus?”

I realized that Lot F was right around the corner from Lot H and there were plenty of spots to pick from which was great for me.

That was the moment I knew that if I wanted quick and fast parking, Lot F was the place to go.

Parking Lot F has an entrance by Redondo Beach and Manhattan Beach boulevards.

You can get out of the parking structure very quickly when you are heading off campus.

There are also plenty of spots on the top and bottom levels and not as many students go to this parking lot because it’s practically unknown.

On top of all that you have a beautiful view of both Warriors Field and Featherstone Field if you are parked on the upper level.

The reason why it may not be as well known is due to how far away it is from most buildings on campus but I think it’s worth it because it saves time from trying to find parking in other structures and stressing out.

The best time to try and find a parking spot is early in the morning because you beat the people who have late morning classes and that’s typically when most students arrive.

Another time is in the late afternoon when people with morning classes tend to leave and lots of spots open up.

If you are looking to park on the streets and avoid paying a parking fee, it can be tricky because most people park there early mornings, so be ready to show up at 5 a.m. or you aren’t going to find any spots.

Good luck finding parking and make sure to always give yourself plenty of time, especially in the morning.

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