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From childhood to adulthood, how journalism became my passion

By Patrick Ezewiro

November 13, 2019

As children we often dream of what career paths we'll take in the future, but as we get older sometimes that decision becomes more difficult.Throughout my early childhood a vision of mine was to be an actor. It was a simple ca...

Campus Viewpoints: What stresses you out as a college student?

By Molly Cochran

October 11, 2019

Violet Howes, 20, music major “I guess the compilation of homework and parking," Howes said. "The homework stresses me out because I strive to be a straight A student, so if I forget to do an assignment or I do the bare minimum, ...

Best spots to find parking on campus

By David Rondthaler

September 25, 2019

On the first day of class this semester, I pulled into Parking Lot D where I use to park last semester hoping to find a spot. After spending 15 minutes driving all the way to the top and then spending another 10 minutes coming al...

Campus Viewpoints: Do you prefer to eat at home or eat out?

By Cameron Woods

September 25, 2019

As a student sometimes we have to make on-the-go decisions on how and when we retrieve our daily nutrients. The Union asked students if they preferred to eat at home or eat out and why.John Turner, 29, air conditioning and refr...

Campus Viewpoints: What’s your favorite class?

By Anna Podshivalova

September 11, 2019

The Union recently asked El Camino students about their favorite classes. Dafne Garcia, 18, nursing major "My favorite class is chemistry," Garcia said. "I took it in high school and I really enjoyed the professor and what ...

The balancing act of a working student

By Alexa Kinoshita

December 10, 2018

I’m 19, tired, and I barely have enough money to buy myself a “Mango-A-Go-Go” smoothie from Jamba Juice once a week.As students at a community college, we are all forced to make the toughest decisions on what w...

Campus Viewpoints: “Level Up”

By Union Staff

December 6, 2018

The Union went around and asked the EC community their thoughts on the new statewide AB 705 law. Stephany Ramos, 19, animal science major “I feel like it’s kind of negative because maybe some students aren’t like ready for some classes, and instead of taking those they are ...

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