Campus Viewpoints: “Level Up”

The Union went around and asked the EC community their thoughts on the new statewide AB 705 law.

Stephany Ramos, 19, animal science major

“I feel like it’s kind of negative because maybe some students aren’t like ready for some classes, and instead of taking those they are just not going to allow them,” Ramos said. “It’s going to make them like waste their time.”

Karla Sanchez, 20, animal science major

“I think it’s like a good idea for those students that are kind of lazy and they are only in those classes because they didn’t want to do their work and they know the stuff,” Sanchez said. “But I think it’s gonna be bad for the students that went to school and they didn’t really know anything.”

Steven Carillo, 18, political science major

“GPA doesn’t mean everything, that’s just based off how you do your work, but it still goes to show that if you aren’t doing your work there’s obviously something wrong,” Carillo said.

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Peter Marcoux, English professor

“I think its going to be a good thing. With any major change there is going to be some growing pains, and it will take some time for us to really get a grasp of how its impacting the students.”

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Christopher Page, English professor

“I think it will have a mostly positive effect. It will provide a challenge for some students who traditionally may have been placed in a lower level, but I think the mostly students are gonna benefit from being able to take college-level classes more quickly and with less barriers.”


Roseana Martinez, Alexa Kinoshita and Justin Bell contributed to this report.