Campus Viewpoints: What’s your favorite class?

The Union recently asked El Camino students about their favorite classes.

Anna Podshivalova/ The Union

Dafne Garcia, 18, nursing major

“My favorite class is chemistry,” Garcia said. “I took it in high school and I really enjoyed the professor and what we learned and the things we did like experiments.”

Anna Podshivalova/ The Union

Lukelly Francisco, 19, nursing major

“My favorite class is biology,” Francisco said. “I like it because of the animals and nature.”

Anna Podshivalova/ The Union

Julio Meneses, 19, biological and biomedical sciences major

“My favorite class would be between anatomy and physiology,” Meneses said. “Because I want to be a doctor someday and those are the most basic classes any doctors should know or either know how our body works. Those classes [are] my favorite because it’s the first time that you really feel that you trying to be a doctor especially because you start to learn everything about your own body [and] how the things work.”

Anna Podshivalova/ The Union

Rachel Maldonado, 23, communications major

“I really [enjoyed] deaf culture, during the summer semester,” Maldonado said. She also added that the class was really interesting and she enjoyed it a lot.

Anna Podshivalova/ The Union

Margarito E. Navarro, 21, sign language/interpreter major

“My favorite class is American sign language,” Navarro said. “Because just like the fact [that] I am a part of this major and it is a new language, new culture, new concept, the language [is] different from English and [has a] different sound structure.”

Anna Podshivalova/ The Union

James Handa, 23, art major

“My favorite class is printmaking. I really like art, it makes me feel okay, it feels like I am going to do therapy,” Handa said.



Update: Sept. 11, 2019 5:51 p.m. Byline was edited for accuracy.