Campus Viewpoints: Do you prefer to eat at home or eat out?

As a student sometimes we have to make on-the-go decisions on how and when we retrieve our daily nutrients. The Union asked students if they preferred to eat at home or eat out and why.

Cameron Woods/ The Union

John Turner, 29, air conditioning and refrigeration major

“I like to eat at home instead of eating out because I know what I am consuming and I have a choice of making better decisions on what I put in my body, especially with fast food having a lot of GMO,” Turner said.

Cameron Woods/ The Union

Kealan Sucher, 18, English major

“If I have company I prefer to eat out, but if I’m alone I usually tend to either take food home or just eat at home because I do not like eating out alone,” Sucher said.

Cameron Woods/ The Union

Rajanee Lloyd, 18, business major

“I’d rather eat at home because it saves money and I get to make more,” Lloyd said. “If I eat out it will be something quick like a burger or something, but then I get hungry within 30 minutes. At home I get more for my money.”

Cameron Woods/ The Union

Ryan Fukuhara, 18, English Major

“I guess thats kind of a complicated question because eating out is easy, because it is convenient and usually fairly inexpensive,” Fukuhara said. “At the same time, eating at home you can make your own thing and it is usually more healthy.”