Virtual care service discussed at Academic Senate meeting

Student Health Services is now offering TimelyCare Telehealth, a virtual care service to assist students with their mental health needs.

On Tuesday, April 19, the Academic Senate discussed the virtual care system that would be provided at no cost to all El Camino students and staff.

Susan Nilles, coordinator and nurse practitioner of Student Health Services, presented the agenda item as a result of students’ poor mental health.

“There is no one who is not somewhat depressed or anxious due to the pandemic, it’s obvious we need this,” said Nilles.

Student Health Services already offers two psychologists who meet with a number of students each day. Students have access to healthcare opportunities including meeting with a licensed counselor, basic needs, faculty and staff reports, and TimelyCare conversations.

“This was made possible by allocated supplements from the state,” Nilles said.

Some of the basic needs resources are food, housing and transportation.

“Of course, students and faculty already have access to on-campus resources such as the Warrior Pantry, this will be an addition to the resources we have at our school,” said Nilles.

TimelyCare offers a 24/7 hotline designed for faculty and staff in supporting students in their pursuit of achieving a healthy lifestyle.

Students may take care of their personal well-being by participating in free virtual activities and classes.

These classes include group sessions such as yoga and guided meditation.

“Students already have 6 visits to the Health Services in a semester this will result in an additional 12 visits to students every year,” said Nilles.

Nilles said she has noticed several students who have breakdowns in the middle of classes and having this allocated will benefit their well-being.

TimelyCare is partnering with El Camino College and is offering a $250 Amazon gift card opportunity drawing if registered by Saturday, April 30.