Music and journalism student earns Presidential Scholarship Award


Music major Anthony Lipari leans over a shrub in the Chemistry Courtyard on March 22. Lipari joins a select group of students being awarded the Presidential Scholarship for the Spring 2023 semester. (Khoury Williams | The Union)

The Presidential Scholarship award is given out to students in certain divisions at El Camino College for their academic achievements.

After getting a letter from academic affairs in the mail, 20-year-old music major Anthony Lipari learned he was one of a few students at El Camino to win the $2,000 award this year.

“It was unreal,” Lipari said. “I didn’t really think I would get this kind of award because I don’t really think about that stuff.”

Lipari earned the Presidential Scholarship in the Humanities Division. Along with his monetary award, he also received a medallion and certificate.

To receive the Presidential Scholarship award, students must be eligible to graduate, have at least a 3.7 grade point average and have completed 60 units by the end of the spring semester.

Associate Dean of Humanities Scott Kushigemachi informed Lipari of the scholarship opportunity after the humanities award committee, employees that represent different departments within the division, nominated him.

Kushigemachi said this scholarship is a way for recipients to access further opportunities in their education or career and list it as a part of their qualifications.

“I hope that it opens doors for him, it is a significant achievement that helps him in making him competitive for other educational opportunities and career-wise,” Kushigemachi said.

Once he earns his general music degree at El Camino, Lipari said he has plans to transfer to a local four-year university to get his bachelor’s degree in instrumental music and possibly pursue a career in music education.

Lipari said the scholarship money he receives “always goes to tuition first” since he knows California universities can be expensive.

“The financial aid I receive gets put into my account and I don’t touch that unless it’s for school,” Lipari said. “I always try to do that as best as I can.”

In addition to pursuing a bachelor’s degree in music, Lipari has already earned an associate degree in journalism after taking classes in the program for three semesters and becoming the copy editor for The Union.

The Union’s Editor-in-Chief Khoury Williams said when he first met Lipari at a Board of Trustees meeting, he knew “[Anthony] was a go-getter” by coming to the meeting prepared with notes and questions.

“He was really on it and I was really impressed with Anthony from that moment on,” Williams said.

After working with him, Williams said Lipari is “very detailed and technical” and is always willing to help with copywriting or design details.

“He stays ahead of everything and is so helpful and thoughtful,” Williams said. “He’s just a phenomenal human being and deserves that award so much, I’m so proud of him.”

When answering the questionnaire for the Presidential Scholarship, Lipari said in summary that meeting new people and “seeing the overall growth in [himself]” by being in the music and journalism departments is how El Camino has made a difference in his life.

Despite feeling a change in his work ethic after graduating from North Torrance High School, Lipari thinks receiving this award demonstrates his work in the music and journalism programs.

“I try to do the best I can here, edit the best that I can, and help everybody out,” Lipari said.