Title IX and related resources offered at El Camino

Discrimination and sexual harassment resources are available and can be provided by the Director of Title IX, Diversity and Inclusion Jaynie Ishikawa’s office at El Camino College according to a meeting with the Associated Students Organization on Thursday, Sept. 22.

Title IX, Diversity and Inclusion at El Camino refers to sexual and gender-based misconduct which can include sexual harassment, sexual assault and unlawful discrimination of any kind of unfair treatment based on a protected class such as ethnicity, religion, gender and identity.

Ishikawa informed the Associated Students Organization (ASO) that her office, located on the first floor of the Administration Building, can handle these types of issues and highlighted the rights of students and employees.

“We are a very important resource and we are an office that can do very specific things to help students,” Ishikawa said during the meeting. “But you’re not at all obligated…my priority is not that you come see me, it’s that you know that you have choices, and then you can make that decision for yourself.”

If a student decides they do not want to take action against someone and instead asks for a confidential resource on campus, they can reach out to Student Health Services.

Students who pay the Student Health Fee are entitled to Student Health Services and all the resources that they offer. Staff is not required to disclose information to Ishikawa’s office.