Summer and fall classes are tuition-free for El Camino students

El Camino College is offering tuition-free classes for both the summer and fall 2022 semesters to all currently enrolled students.

According to an email sent by El Camino College’s Office of Marketing and Communications on Monday, June 6, students that have been enrolled at El Camino College since spring 2020 will now automatically have their tuition fees waived when registering for both summer and fall sessions.

Newly enrolled students since the summer 2020 semester and after can have their tuition fees waived by applying through El Camino’s Tuition Relief Program in order to qualify for a tuition-free opportunity.

Funded by the Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund, the Tuition Relief Program allows the college to offer classes without the need to have students pay for their tuition or fees. El Camino’s Tuition Relief program will also offer debt relief to any students with outstanding balances.

Any pandemic-era debts and fees incurred from students starting in the spring 2020 semester and ending with fall 2021 have already had those balances erased, as according to the email. Students with debts prior to spring 2020 are required to fill out a “No-Pay Tuition” form to confirm their want to participate and re-enroll at El Camino.

According to a statement made by El Camino College President Brenda Thames within the announcement email, the Tuition Relief Program is meant to provide financial support to the student body as they recover from COVID-19-related costs.

Students can visit the Tuition Relief Program page through the El Camino College website to apply and find out more information.