Student Equity Plan falls short of equity goals

The results of the Student Equity Plan for 2019-2022 were presented during the El Camino College Board of Trustees on Tuesday, Feb. 22.

Presented by Student Equity Program Director Nayeli Oliva, the presentation aimed to show the results of efforts that the college is taking on student equity and helping students in underrepresented groups to find success.

However, throughout the presentation, the percentage goals for certain groups of students reaching their success goals were not met. These goals included successful enrollment and completion of math and English in both first-year and degree earnings.

Some trustee members, such as Trustee Kenneth Brown, called the information “a nightmare” as percentages of students completing or accomplishing certain goals were low to him.

Although most goals were not met, Oliva said that there are plans of changing the budgeting format for student equity outcome with an emphasis on initiatives that are helping students find the success they need.

“The 2022-2025 Student Equity and Achievement Plan is meant to increase collaboration and integration with other areas of the college, keeping our students, especially our disproportionately impacted students, such as foster youth, Black and African American students, at the forefront,” Oliva said.