Planning and Budgeting Committee approve annual goals centered on community engagement

The Planning and Budgeting Committee (PBC) at El Camino College approved three annual goals for the 2020-21 academic year, with indicators and targets for each goal, during their meeting Thursday, Nov. 19.

PBC Co-chair Viviana Unda, explained the goals and indicators, along with the target they want to achieve.

Their approved goals involved having committee members review the role and responsibilities of the PBC. By the end of the year, their charter should be formulated by all committee members.

The PBC also made it a goal to strengthen its members’ level of understanding engagement in the college planning and budgeting processes to aid the performance of committee members’ roles.

Engaging the campus community in discussion around funding priorities and available resources was the last goal approved by the PBC.

This goal would be carried out by sending a monthly electronic one-page summary of key points discussed by the PBC to all managers, faculty, classified staff and students.

Unda also said there would be two annual planning and budgeting town hall meetings, one during fall and another in spring. As the fall semester is nearing its end, the fall meeting will be held sometime later.

Editor’s note: Headline edited for clarity.