Survey addressing the current state of racism to be received by ECC students

In an attempt to exercise racial equity and inclusion on campus, the El Camino College Advisory Committee on Race and Equity encourages students to participate in a short survey starting Monday, Oct. 19.

The survey will be sent to students via email by the National Assessment of Collegiate Campus Climates (NACCC).

Created by the University of Southern California (USC) Race and Equity Center, this survey is designed for undergraduate students attending community colleges and four-year institutions.

They aim to collect data on the current state of racism, which will help college leaders talk about issues on race, create a plan for racial equity, reference participating institutions as an example, and measure improvement from one participation year to the next, according to an email sent out to students.

Completed surveys should be sent to the email address [email protected].

The data will be available from USC for any further assessment at ECC in the fall semester.

Edit: The headline was changed for clarity on Oct. 13.