Academic Senate to possibly create equity position

A Vice President of Equity position may be created in the El Camino College Academic Senate if voted on during their upcoming meeting on Tuesday, Oct. 6.

If approved, they will call for nominations and then officially elect someone on Oct. 20. The vice president of equity would work with student services to coordinate student programs such as the Student Equity and Achievement (SEA) village and the Student Equity Advisory Council (SEAC).

“A lot of the work initially is going to be assessing needs and figuring out how can Senate best serve the equity efforts on campus,” Darcie McClelland, president of the Academic Senate, said.

The vice president of equity would evaluate the current equity work at ECC, serve as a liaison between the Academic Senate and the different programs under student services and possibly be involved in the advisory council for equity.

The Academic Senate is also working toward creating a committee for equity, diversity and inclusion, which the vice president of equity would chair.

Another item on the upcoming agenda is a vote on a resolution mandating professional development in racial equity for all faculty members.

If approved, faculty will be required to complete webinars, courses, workshops or other types of training in racial equity.

Funding for this new position will come from negotiations in a new contract where the Academic Senate has received a 50% increase in budget.