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Health Center provides access to student health services

Students exit the Health Center on Wednesday, Sept. 4. Services offered at the Health Center include STD testing, psychological counseling and chiropractic services. Rosemary Montalvo/The Union Photo credit: Rosemary Montalvo

Editor’s Note: This story has been updated for clarification purposes on Sept. 12, 2019.

Students can receive medical services including counseling, various types of testing and blood work at the Health Center, a small clinic located next to the Pool Building.

According to the Student Health Services (SHS) website, the center uses an “integrated approach to health care, where the whole person is evaluated and treated.”

The State of California wants to make sure that college students have access to convenient quality care, Director of the El Camino College Health Center Susan Nilles said.

Nilles added that the ECC Health Center never asks about insurance unless it is a request that cannot be performed on site.

Most services at the ECC Health Center are covered by the health fee students pay each semester which costs $20.

The ECC Health Center also has seven psychologists who offer mental health services, said Clinical Psychologist Jan Schaeffer, who has worked at the Health Center for eight years.

“Students receive six free private psychotherapy sessions,” Schaeffer said. “When those six are sessions are done and they want to continue, we refer them to a community facility because we cannot continue to see them after the six sessions.”

Besides psychotherapy sessions, the Health Center also offers crisis intervention.

Schaeffer added that whenever students show up to the Health Center in an urgent manner, such as having suicidal thoughts or considering self-harm, the staff see them immediately.

The ECC Health Center also provides workshops for anger management and de-stressing, Schaeffer said.

Keisha Bradley, 38, fashion major, went to the ECC Health Center for a chiropractic session to get her back adjusted because it was hurting, she said.

“We pay our student fee so we might as well go,” Bradley added.

Marbella Trujillo, 19, art major, has visited the health center three times so far.

“They are super helpful,” Trujillo said. “They give you insightful tips for sex education.”

Trujillo said she is satisfied with appointment services and doesn’t think the Health Center needs to be improved. “They are spot on,” Trujillo added.

According to Health Center website, free services by appointment include:

· Chiropractic Services (Thursday mornings only)

· Chlamydia/Gonorrhea Testing

· HIV Testing

· Office Visits

· Psychological Counseling

· Low Cost Blood/Lab Work and Medication

All appointments must be made in person.

The center is closed on weekends, college holidays, and during semester breaks, according to the Health Center website.

For more information such as hours of operation, services provided , visit or call (310) 660-3643.

Update Tuesday, Sept. 17, 12:40 a.m., Article updated for clarification purposes

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