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Up for Debate: The media helps spread the message

By Sophia Mootoo

March 5

Filed under Opinion, Up for Debate

Support is always needed to make the person have a sense of belonging in society, and the media giving attention to gay athletes is contributing to the success of LGBT social acceptance. Homosexuals are the majority, and the L...

Up for Debate: Part time (with a job)

By Cynnamon Baker

February 21

Filed under Opinion, Up for Debate

Just like full time students, part time students have to keep up their academics along with handling work outside of school. But part time students don't have the luxury of being full time without a job; the majority of students...

Up for Debate: Full time is the way to go

By Sam Tedla

February 21

Filed under Opinion, Up for Debate

Class lectures, assignments, study for exams, reading the textbook for the next class. Now imagine trying to tie in the extra time and responsibilities it takes when you have job. When your a full-time student it gives you...

Up for Debate: Traditional is the way to go

February 12

Filed under Opinion, Up for Debate

Valentine's Day about that one lucky person special enough to be shot by Cupid's Arrow. It' s unlike any holiday because you chose this one person to express your love and gratitude for them, so naturally they deserve toreceive...

Up for Debate: Traditional vs. technology

February 11

Filed under Opinion, Up for Debate

For those looking for a Valentine's Day gift to give your loved one this year, a technological gift can be a good alternative to the ol' candy and flowers. Electronics such as smart phones and tablets will last the user a lot...

Are students informed about politics that affect EC? No

By Monique Judge, Staff Writer

October 11

Filed under Opinion, Up for Debate

Students of today are not as informed as they should be about issues that affect them politically. There are a number of upcoming measures on the ballot that will have a direct impact on students, but so many are so tuned into...

Up For Debate

November 13

Filed under Opinion, Up for Debate

Up For Debate “Can students live without their digital devices?” Argument: Yes   College students these days are constantly on the move.  To keep up with their busy, bustling life styles, these students...

Up for Debate: Should e-readers replace textbooks? No

By Matthew Simon, Sports Editor

September 14

Filed under Opinion, Up for Debate

Since 1450, when Johannes Gutenberg created the printing press, books have been a part of daily life. It is easily the most used invention ever along with the car, television and the radio. Therefore, there are several reasons...

Should class schedules be printed? No

By Sam Barke, Staff Writer

March 17

Filed under Opinion, Up for Debate

With budget cuts occurring on campus, spending $200,000 on class schedules makes no sense. There is no reason to have class schedules printed. If anything, a “borrowing system” should be put in place, similar to the textboo...

Is an AA degree valuable? YES

By Anthony Pantoja

May 25

Filed under Opinion, Up for Debate

Receiving an Associate in Arts or Science degree is very important, though some counselors and students doubt it is worth receiving if they are going to transfer. Having an A.A. degree shows that the student has finished all...

Is an A.A. degree valuable? NO

By Samantha Myles

May 25

Filed under Opinion, Up for Debate

An Associate in Arts degree may grant some seniority over the high school sophomore when applying for that job that requires one to ask, "Would you like fries with that?" But don't expect too many other perks from the degree...

Should we pay for "W's"? YES

By Aaron Dobruck

May 11

Filed under Opinion, Up for Debate

Community colleges run on money and there is no way around it. That is why students must pay for their classes, whether they complete the course or not. It would be wonderful if education was free and colleges never had...

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