Up for debate: Guns don’t kill people, armed criminals do

Recently the Compton School District began equipping it’s police officers with assault style weapons to protect their campuses from school shootings.

Some might argue that this is a bad thing, considering that police brutality is a serious issue that causes problems and clashes between law enforcement officials and citizens, most recently seen in Ferguson, Missouri.

However, firearms, in the hands of responsible citizens and law enforcement officials, can greatly reduce crime and murder rates. According to an article published on huffingtonpost.com, Chicago Police have posted the lowest first quarter murder rate since 1958. Not mentioned in the article was the fact that more concealed carry permits are being issued to the citizens of Chicago which seems to serve as a deterrent to would-be violent criminals.

In the horrific incident at Sandy Hook Elementary School, police response was not slow, yet 20 children were brutally murdered, as well as six adult staff members. Had there been an armed officer on the campus, there’s a chance that the tragically high death toll might have been reduced. Even one saved life would make it completely worth staffing an armed officer.

So, why assault weapons?

Criminals have the knack for getting their hands on items that law abiding citizens cannot legally obtain. Therefore, automatic weapons, high capacity magazines, and incendiary devices are not off the table for criminals.

Police officers can be outgunned when not properly equipped. For instance, in March of 1997, Los Angeles Police Officers were outgunned in a shootout with bank robbers (who happened to be equipped with automatic weapons and body armor) and had to rely on a nearby gun store to procure high powered rifles to pierce the robbers’ body armor.

If a situation like this were to occur inside a school, such as EC, wouldn’t you want the responding officers to stand a fighting chance against an opposition that has the same quality/style weapons, if not better?

The reality of the situation is that if your own life were in danger, you would want those defending your life to be as best equipped as possible to deal with the threat.