Bicycles and skateboards should not be banned on campus

You wake up late for class, but still have to ride your bicycle to school, and you already know that you will not make it on time.

You arrive to campus five minutes before class starts, and realize you will be taking even longer because you have to tie up your bicycle to a rack that is far away from your class.

Students at El Camino have been stripped of their privilege to ride their bicycles and skateboards on campus, and if they are found breaking these rules, the result is a citation.

Some EC students not only rely on bicycles and skateboards to get around campus, but also rely on them to stay fit and moving every day. With these both being banned, and resulting in a citation, students may become discouraged to use them.

Students might not want to take these to campus, considering they cannot use them, and will have to use other alternative methods to get to school, which can be very inconvenient.

Students like Anthony Morales, 20, biology major, prefer to leave their skateboards at home to avoid possible citations.

“I don’t even bother bringing it (the skateboard) to school anymore,” Morales said. “I won’t be able to use it because I can get a ticket so I prefer to just take an Uber to school.”

Riding a skateboard or bicycle to school is convenient to students because they are able to get to school faster and easier. It has become a part of students’ everyday routines, which have been disturbed because of this rule.

EC should not give anyone citations for using them on campus because for many, it is an effective, fast, and cheaper way to get to school and class.