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El Camino is a skate and bike-free zone

Photo credit: Jorge Villa

Photo credit: Jorge Villa

Photo credit: Jorge Villa

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El Camino campus is a skate and bike-free zone and students who still skateboard, or bike, on campus face being ticketed or sentenced to court, a sergeant at the El Camino Police Station said.

Sgt. Dal Toruno has worked at the El Camino Police Department for 23 years and said there are approximately 30 signs posted around the entrances of campus that outline the skateboard ban.

Some students intentionally skate on campus, even though they know that it isn’t allowed.

“It’s fun. The thrill and the adrenaline, people telling you to stop, that you shouldn’t be doing it,” Khalil Prentice, 19, engineering major, said.

Students who skate on campus may face consequences from the police department.

Prentice said that when it came to tickets, he knew plenty of people that had been ticketed on campus for skateboarding.

“They tell me it’s expensive, super expensive,” Prentice added. “(Like) $100 plus.”

Other students said they never noticed that skateboarding wasn’t permitted on campus.

“I hardly even look at signs if I do see them,” Keion Finner, 19, photography major said. “I haven’t seen any signs that say no skateboarding.”

In an effort to show more visibility of these skateboard and bicycle ban signs, the police erected 20 fold-out signs in walkways across campus, Toruno said.

Toruno said that he didn’t know exactly when the skateboarding ban was implemented, but he that it had been in effect for the over two decades he has worked at EC.

Not all local community college campuses have skateboarding bans and Toruno said that Cerritos College does not have a skateboarding ban.

Some students disagree with the skateboarding bans, but others understand the benefits of the ban for the overall safety and well-being of students.

“It’s a hassle, but the rule isn’t really for us,” Roy Gesmer, 20, psychology major said. “It’s for the people who are hard of seeing and have other disabilities that might run into them if we’re on our skateboards on campus.”

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El Camino is a skate and bike-free zone