The United States needs to ban guns entirely

At what point will a mass shooting be so devastating that the United States will actually do something about gun control?

Many believed it would be when children became the victims of a shooting.

Then, 20 children were murdered at Sandy Hook Elementary School on December 14, 2012.

According to at least 1,767 people have been killed in 1,552 mass shootings since Sandy Hook.

Sutherland Springs, Texas is the latest victim of a mass shooting. 26 people were killed at the First Baptist Church on Sunday, Nov. 5.

Drastic changes need to be made in the United States. It’s time to edit the second amendment.

The second amendment was written in an era where muskets were the best and biggest gun on the market. The muskets rate of fire was two or three rounds per minute.

The gun used in the Texas shooting, an AR-15, shoots 90 rounds per minute.

The founding fathers did not accommodate for such guns. It’d be better in America’s interests to follow Australia and ban all guns.

In 1996, 35 people were killed in Port Arthur, and Australia had enough.

Their Prime Minister at the time created the, ‘National Firearms Programme Implementation Act of 1996’, which restricted the ownership of semi-automatic rifles, shotguns and pump-action shotguns.

Australia has had no mass shootings since the ban was set.

58 people have died and 546 were injured at a music festival in Las Vegas and 26 died in a Texas church in just over a month.

The time to put a foot down should have been after the 1966 University of Texas tower shooting. But here we are in 2017, two months away from 2018.

The least the United States can do is act now. Not when another mass shooting happens.