Up for Debate: Denial sensationalized (eh…)

International tragedies like the March 8th disappearance of flight MH370 deserve a solemn pause in our affairs.

However, instead of a silent respite for MH370 our frenzied media and its throngs of disciples rushed to consume this novel mystery, speculating hope and calculating deaths.

Under “entitlement” to protection, our U.S government began and directed what has become a month-long search for the missing victims and their plane. And, whether by concession or simple disregard for life, the Malaysian government crouched in the background, aiding only when their citizen’s cries morphed to anger.

Previous to MH370’s disappearance our media’s attention was super glued to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, but when word came of a plane’s strange disappearance, the “Russian” fad was over, and a new form of sick entertainment rose to the forefront.

We condemned our societies “watchdog” of truth in exchange for its promise of novel entertainment.

A plane missing in flight gives much more to the imagination than walls of soldiers shooting their citizens.

And so it began.

Our media feeding off each new speculation, disregarding all need for legitimacy of fact.

And we loved them for it.

After all, who needs dinner when you can have cake?

Initial search efforts produced nothing and our now month long search has simply teased each reported fancy.

Though its disappearance has been a tragedy, the media’s prolonged and exclusive attention to it holds no ground other than to distract its audiences fickle attention from Russia’s organized invasion of Ukraine.

By our denial to truth we have allowed our media to sensationalize, dehumanize, and manipulate a country’s mourning.

And for what?

Our simple pleasure.

We wallow in ignorance of impending war and content ourselves to imagination of those “misfortunate” flyer’s fate.

Maybe, we say, they are on a mysterious island battling evil black smoke and befriending the Others.

No. They’re dead.

There, I said it.

Because no one else wants to and is so content to let thousands more die by the Black Sea than admit 239 have died near the Indian Ocean.

The MH370 tragedy was not a conspiracy, it was a brute cover-up allowed by our people and propelled through our media.

Once discovered that the plane was, in fact, under sea, our media should have balanced back the reports of it, upcoming news, and a threatening Russia.

Instead we have contented ourselves to playful taunts and gross ignorance toward impending war while eating popcorn and watching a movie labeled “Malaysian Mystery Continues”.