Up for Debate: Spend money on research, not ice water

Over the past year the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has been growing and becoming more popular with celebrities and common people all over the world, but mostly in the United States.

The challenge has raised over $100 million, but considering the number of participants, it should have made much more.

The challenge could have made more money if every single person who accepted the challenge donated $10 or more, instead of just wasting water.

Instead, the Ice Bucket Challenge has become a popular way to get attention from friends and people in social media.

Most of the attention that the challenge has received from common people and celebrities isn’t even benefiting ALS research anymore, instead turning the challenge into a popular fad on Twitter, YouTube, and FaceBook.

It’s likely that a large percentage of challenge participants don’t even know what ALS stands for. Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis is a disease that affects the neurological system, but has traditionally received little attention.

Many celebrities may have donated money to help ALS research, but they did it to get more attention from the media. Why bother posting a video online otherwise?

Instead of dumping water on their heads, people should just donate money to ALS Awareness. Even if they are a high school student, they should ask their parents for at least $10 to donate before accepting the challenge.

People need to save water, and this Ice Bucket Challenge is causing people to waste a lot water and also, spend a lot of money for ice. Instead of buying ice and using water from home, people should use that money to donate.

Everybody wants to be part of the crowd, so more than half of the people that do the challenge might donate, but they are doing it for their own personal benefit.

A better way to raise awareness for ALS is by making a commercial explaining to people what ALS research is all about and where they could make a donation.