Up for Debate: The media is giving this story the sensitivity it deserves

239 people were on Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, and now friends and families of the people are waiting to reconfirm the harsh reality that the plane has no survivors.

The media wouldn’t withhold information about this tragic situation. If anything this situation has so little information about it since the black box hasn’t been found yet.

John F. Kennedy and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s assassinations are examples of media cover-ups. This is just a freak situation. The airline and the media want to give the story the caution and the sensitivity it deserves because of the people who will be affected by the loss of loved ones.

Proponents of a media cover-up say that the reporting being done is sketchy but you can’t give much information about a pending investigation. Primarily because great reporting is backed by it’s accuracy.

Obviously it’s going to raise eyebrows when a plane suddenly goes missing in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. There are conspiracy theorists who have this notion that all current events are controversial. I can understand when people make outlandish criticisms about the reporting when they are eager to get more information about this heartbreaking story.

A cover-up is any action or other means of concealing or preventing investigation or exposure.

Based on the facts of the story and the reports, what about this story falls into any category of this definition.

In late-August of 2005, Hurricane Katrina ravaged the city of New Orleans, bringing global attention to the most expensive disaster relief in US history. Many said that this was brought to the lead story on all news outlets to be a distraction from the “War on Terror.”

Proponents say that this story has been deemed to be more newsworthy than that of the Ukraine/Russia crisis.

Is it questioning the media’s judgement on newsworthiness or what’s more entertaining?

Sometimes stories are brought to the forefront not to filter attention from another, but rather to raise awareness to one.

The fact that this story is even being considered as entertaining is making me sick to my stomach.

YouTube this story and watch the loved ones go through this never-ending nightmare and tell me if you still think this story is a COVER-UP. Because I highly doubt that the media would conceal information in order to one day make this a hit at the box office.