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What can happen when campus police officers are armed with rifles?

The answer; anything. Anything imaginable is possible. An officer may unintentionally shoot the rifle while in burst mode. The rifle may be stolen by another individual. Then the rifle may become a tool of massacre.

The Compton school district has decided to arm their school police officers with AR-15 rifles in order to prevent situations where police are not properly equipped to deal with heavily armed gun men.

EC is an institution where thousands of people attend on a regular basis, which means that there are also thousands of potential victims.Students, the potential victims should worry about the possible outcomes in the future. While the idea to provide safety is plausible, the possible dangers outweigh the benefits.

The presence of a dangerous weapon on campus gives the possibility that minor violence may escalate into a deadly result.

Carried firearms should be limited to a minimal size and amount, such as handguns, ordinary weapons for defense.

Recent incidents demonstrate that police around the nation have been using unnecessarily heavy equipment, such as the Ferguson police using armored vehicles to control riots. This only shows that arming school police officers with rifles is just not a good idea.

There are numbers of horrific things imaginable if there are rifles in our campus, but the worst thing to happen is a mass shooting. The shooting can be led by anyone, including students, staff, or officers.

It is important to know that most rifles have the ability to load more bullets than handguns. The AR 15 can fire between 45 to 60 rounds per minute. Most mass shooting incidents in America have been made by handguns, which made the number of victims to few to ten people. However a when rifle is used there can be many victims, like the 26 victims of Sandy Hook elementary.

While safety is undeniably a necessity in school campuses, over protection is not needed as it may cause unpredictable cases.