Up for Debate: Summer session will be beneficial

Who take classes during winter sessions anyway? Good riddance if you ask me. I for one was never a fan of rushing back to school right after the holiday season.

Students still trying to get that extra time in with the family rather than sitting in the same class for hours on end.

Waking up to freezing weather, thinking about your bed and that new pair of holiday pajamas your mother got you for Christmas.

Mad that you’re in class for four days straight for the next six weeks. Wishing you actually took the time off readjusting your brain before it goes into school overload and end up bombing all your classes.

This three-separate summer session schedule will revolutionize not only the community college school system, but I think the university level as well, who knows?

I see El Camino College being the “Hallmark” of the academic calendar.

Students now have the opportunity to take a serious break from classes right after the spring semester and still have a chance to take classes in the summer.

Two weeks between semesters just don’t even cut it, lets be honest.

Rather showing up for classes May 21, students could choose to come back for either the eight-week session that starts June 16 or the six-week, which starts July 7.

The summer session is so spread out, for the first time student are able a bucket load of classes. Take it from me; I’m already registered with 18 units for this upcoming summer.

Eliminating the winter session is not only in the best interest for the students, it will save the school million I assume over the coming years on operation cost alone!

Not to mention that’s one less catalog the school has to print out, talk about being environmentally friendly.

The consensus from student around campus is that, they’re happy with the new academic calendar.

The idea of having an early start for the summer should win over anyone.

I can’t think of any good reason for El Camino to reinstate the winter session, could you?