Up for Debate: Vegan nation

There are three good reasons to have a vegan diet rather than an animal-based diet. First, vegans make less of a negative impact on the Earth. Second, vegans have better health. And third, vegans do not kill or cause pain to animals. Some people are vegan for all three reasons, however some people are vegans for only one of the three reasons listed above.

For me, the main reason to be a vegan is to make less of an impact on Earth and her nature. For example, less land and less water is needed to grow crops for the world population due to adequacy of enough protein-rich food for human consumption. The consequence is that more land and water can be left in a natural state for wildlife and national parks. In addition, there is less impact to climate change can be saved much less water is needed to grow plan because less water is needed to plants with protein than to

Vegans are healthier than meat-eaters and therefore require less health care including less medicine, so vegans do not stress the health care. Cancer is less prevalent with vegans than meat-based diets.

And if none of those reasons are compelling to become vegan, keep in mind that vegan food is very delicious and quite tasty. One very popular vegan food cafe is Native Foods Restaurant.