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Vegan Club promotes healthy living and ethical awareness

By Emma DiMaggio

May 29, 2018

During its first semester as an official club on campus, the Vegan Club has created a community of its own with a focus on promoting healthy eating habits.Despite its name, the Vegan Club welcomes members with a variety of diets ...

Up for Debate: Going vegan is not the answer

By Celine West

May 5, 2014

Human beings are primates and primates have their eyes in the front of their heads, which in biology means that we are predators by nature. In contrast, animals that are prey have their eyes on the sides of their heads, like rabbits,...

Up for Debate: Vegan nation

By Trayvis Peters

May 5, 2014

There are three good reasons to have a vegan diet rather than an animal-based diet. First, vegans make less of a negative impact on the Earth. Second, vegans have better health. And third, vegans do not kill or cause pain to animals....

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