Top 3 Girl Scout Cookies


Zoha Jan/The Union Photo credit: Zoha Jan

Once again, the Girl Scout Cookie season is here, starting around January and lasting until April, when young female leaders sell cookies in their communities to reach goals, even during COVID-19.

There are 8 flavors made by the Little Brownie Baker: Tagalongs, Toffee-tastic, Girl Scout S’mores, Thin Mints, Do-Si-Dos, Samoas, Lemon-Ups and Trefoils.

After trying all the flavors, these three were the top choices.

3. Samoas

The cookies come in a purple box, arguably one of the most famous cookies from the Girl Scouts, it is a mixture of crunch and chewiness. The vanilla cookie gives a crunchy texture and the caramel topping adds a chewy factor. The toasted coconut and dark chocolate swirl topping adds more flavor to the cookie. It comes in third place because not everyone is a fan of coconut, but it is super sweet and it has a great blend of flavors.

2. Tagalongs

No one can go wrong with chocolate and peanut butter because it is the best combination out there. Reminiscent of Reese’s peanut butter cups, it is a crispy cookie topped with peanut butter and coated with chocolate. The smell of peanut butter that hits your nose immediately as you open that red box intensifies the overall cookie experience. One has to be quick while eating these cookies because their coating starts to melt fast. However, melting the chocolate is the best part of eating tagalongs.

1. Thin Mints

The cookie that comes in a green box, nothing can be compared to thin mints. It’s a crispy cookie with a minty flavor coated with dark chocolate. The best part about this dark chocolate cookie is that it’s vegan and everyone can enjoy it. The cookies’ flavor is enhanced after being refrigerated and it also makes a great ice cream topping. Forget about “cherry on top,” the new saying should be “thin mints on top.” If one is trying Girl scout cookies for the first time, then thin mints are the best option.