ECC’s women’s volleyball team drop three straight sets to lose to Cypress

On another boiling hot day, it felt as if the El Camino College Warriors’ and Cypress Chargers women’s volleyball game was being played in a sauna. Even the spectators in the stands were sweating. From ice cold water to battery-operated fans, nothing would stop them from supporting their teams.

The ECC Warriors, led by outside hitter Mikayla Clark, took the first set 25-20.

The second set started off just as good as Caitlin Donatucci, setter, began by serving two aces leaving the defenders frozen. Cypress countered with two points of their own.

The camaraderie within the ECC Warriors’ team was on full display. High fives, encouragement, and working hard together put them ahead 15-13, citing a Cypress timeout.

Cypress continued to pressure the Warriors, and brought the game to a tie at 17-17. With an overhead pass from Donatucci, Clark showed how high she could jump with an enormous kill.

After a hard fought second set, the ECC Warriors fell short 26-24. The third set was just as competitive with both teams trading runs.

“Four, four, four” rang out from Clark, as she was letting her teammates know that she was ready for the kill. With the kill confirmed, the ECC Warriors led 24-23 with a chance to win the set.

Despite ECC’s effort, Cypress was able to win another nail-biting set 29-27.

It looked as if Clark may have been getting tired, but that was not the case. She played with the same intensity throughout the entire game, rarely sitting out.

Clark ended with a team high of 22 kills and 20 digs.

The fourth set started off close again but as the set went on, it seemed as if the ECC Warriors had lost the energy they displayed throughout the beginning portion of the match.

Opposite hitter Jocelyn Lacroix tried to keep ECC in the game with her play but the damage had already been done. Lacroix finished with 13 kills and 5 digs.

“Our energy and levels definitely go in and out, and it isn’t consistent, and I think that it is something as a team that we need to work on,” Lacroix said.

There were questionable calls throughout the game that could have possibly swung the momentum. There were also many opportunities presented to ECC, but they were not able to capitalize.

The ECC Warriors lost the last 3 sets, falling to Cypress with a final score of 3-1.

“There’s a little growing pains right now because we have a super tough schedule to start the season, so there is no room for error. I think if we see any of those teams later in the season, they’ll see a different team,” Coach Liz Hazell said.

The ECC Warriors women’s volleyball team will be in a three team tournament hosted by ECC on Friday, Sept. 13 at 11 a.m. against Canyons College.