Women’s soccer ties third game of the season

Frustration between both teams ignited in the second half of the game, as the Warriors and East Los Angeles College women’s soccer finished scoreless with a 0-0 draw on Friday.

Despite both sides having a strong offensive performance, none were able to execute with the ball. East L.A.’s season record stands at 4-5-2, while the Warriors trail by one win at 3-5-3. In conference ELAC’s record stands at 2-0-2, whereas the Warriors’ stands at 2-1-1.

The offense for East L.A. got a quick start within minutes of the first half. Four attempts were on target but were denied by Warriors’ goal keeper, freshman Olivia Hover.

The Warriors’ defense could have been the key to victory. Two out of the three captains, sophomores Rylie Cole and Ashley Mercado, are defenders, playing a huge role in the back court.

Goal keeper Hover is another key player in the EC defense, as she is not afraid of physical contact. These players gave ELAC a hard time scoring.

“Our biggest problem is staying positive and finishing the plays offensively,” Hover said. “We need to have luck on our side. Defensively we are strong, but at times I get frustrated because they pull out. We need to go out strong and play hard.”

Offense for EC was a struggle throughout the entire ball game. In the first half, they only had four attempts, and two of those were frustration shots nowhere near the goal.

In the second half, both teams were starting to get frustrated with each other. The benches were yelling at the players on the field and at times they responded back.

The dirty plays and physical contact played a huge roll in both teams’ confidence and offense after the first half. The Warriors finished with twelve fouls alone, and most of them were against the ELAC defenders who stopped them from scoring.

“It was a hard fought game from both sides,” East LA’s assistant coach Richard Coria said. “It’s really tough to score on a team as good as El Camino. Offensively, we didn’t finish our opportunities, we needed to keep pressing and not get frustrated.”

Taking smart shots and making better plays will help the Warriors win more games this season. Their offense is the team’s weakness.

“We’re getting opportunities, but they are not dangerous enough,” Warriors assistant coach Jessica Murphy said. “We need to stay positive and keep pushing. That’s something we work on in practice on a daily basis.”

On Nov.3, both teams will get another shot to play each other.

The Warriors’ next game is away against city-rival L.A. Harbor on Tuesday Oct. 13. Kick off starts at 4 p.m.