Students share their ways of saving the planet

Earth Day is an annual event celebrated in support for environmental protection, however, The Union asked students what they do in their everyday lives to protect the planet.


Jocelyn Hernandez, 19, nursing major

“I guess it means doing small changes by recycling bottles and not throwing trash on the floor.”


Chris Diaz, 19, history major

“I haven’t ever really thought about Earth Day. It’s basically another day to me.”


Ruth Quirarte, 21, administrative justice major

“As a family, we conserve water. We have a system that lets us water our lawn with laundry water that’s collected from the machine after the cycle. We also avoid plastic bottles and use our own reusable bottles.”


Jose Hernandez, 18, music major

“I don’t really pay attention to conserving anything. I believe in conserving our resources but I’m more interested in repopulating our plant life.”


Tierra Jones, 20, general science major

“One thing I already do is recycle because I want to be a vet technician. I also like to take care of animals.”