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Not so jolly about Christmas

It’s December.

You know what that means?

“It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas,” or so the song goes.

Whether you’re in the heart of some Caribbean Island or the top of a snowy mountain, Christmas is supposed to be a jolly old time.

To some, it may be the best time of year which you spend with your loved ones, go on dates to Disneyland or just feel happy.

Unfortunately, my birthday is on Christmas and I hate it.

Don’t get me wrong, I love celebrating anything and everything.

Hell, I make random excuses just to have a good time and party.

But, my hate for Christmas does not stem from the holiday itself or the actual celebration, it comes from the people who don’t understand what having your birthday on the same day as Christmas really feels like.

No one remembers to celebrate you (except yourself I guess), because no one cares about you.

I actually enjoy hanging out with people on Christmas, and people not remembering me doesn’t matter, but the people who fake that they care are the problem.

People see your ID or find out your birthday is on Christmas and it’s the same two sentences that have constantly plagued my childhood and part of my young adult life.

“You’re so lucky,” they would say. “You must get double presents, huh?”

Hit that buzzer sound, because that’s wrong.

There may be people who do, indeed, receive double the presents from their family and friends.

I never did.

It’s not about being rich or poor, it’s about what you can give, so give what you can.

A 2010 United States Census Bureau study found that 361,481 babies were born every day across the world that year.

361,481 babies were born on Christmas, which would mean that those babies are turning 6 years old this holiday.

So, instead of ruining a child’s perception of what “lucky” is, just give them one present, take them to dinner and have a party.

Don’t fake that you care about people when the holidays are supposed to be about having a good time with loved ones.

Have a good time, don’t tell people it’s one gift for two celebrations, just tell them “I couldn’t get you a second present, so I got you one,” if that’s the case.

If you don’t want to bother with the gifts, just throw a $20 bill their way.

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