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Lessons learned throughout my journey at El Camino College

By Tanya Silerio

May 31, 2018

One of my biggest problems I would say I have is taking my own advice. I have suffered the consequences because of this, but I’ve been told I’m good at giving it them out. I would say I have learned and grown from ...

Why I’m staying at El Camino despite initially not wanting to

By Samuel Hill

May 31, 2018

At the beginning of the semester, I had my mind made up: I am going to transfer out from El Camino College to a four-year university. Thanks to family and friends encouraging me to move on to “better places” I was mentally ...

America has more to worry about than building a wall

By Tanya Silerio

May 16, 2018

Many words have been used to describe the Trump presidency, both good and bad.In fact, if I'm honest, I have no kind words to say about his presidency. Now it's not like I woke up one day and just decided to hate him.It started wh...

Community Corner: Rent hikes make it difficult for students to continue with their education

May 16, 2018

A month or two ago, I came home to a wooden post outside my house advertising its sale. “Call for inquiries.” I had a lot of those. Would we have to move? Where? Can we afford any other place? As the days and weeks...

How I fell in love with fitness

By Kailiokalani Davison

April 24, 2018

I remember the exact moment I fell in love with fitness. I was only 13, adjusting to the 8th grade and going through puberty. I told myself, "I will lose this weight before I go to high school."I refused to be the chunky girl ...

Coming to America as an immigrant

By Selvin Rodas

December 7, 2016

At the age of 13, I came to America without knowing a single word of English.In Honduras, my life was different compared to living here because I only knew about my culture and my language and moving to the U.S was an extreme c...

Not so jolly about Christmas

By Phil Sidavong

December 7, 2016

It's December.You know what that means?"It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas," or so the song goes.Whether you're in the heart of some Caribbean Island or the top of a snowy mountain, Christmas is supposed to be a jolly ...

Fighting through the storm called ‘life’

By Alba E. Mejia

November 2, 2016

I am 26 years old and still living with my parents and many people don't understand why, but for me, I've been through some struggles that I had to overcome in order to become who I am now.My father always told me, "As a Latina,...

Dating is worth it for Autistic people

By Victor Liptzin

November 2, 2016

I'm a mildly-disabled person and despite that, I've been looking for love for years.I'm closing in on my 30th birthday, but I have never been successful in finding that love.When I was 12 years old I was sent to UCLA Medical ...

Living with Essential Tremors

By Keith Francis

October 20, 2016

I was once invincible, at least I always saw myself as such. I was a "jock." I played a few sports including soccer, tennis, street hockey and baseball throughout my childhood and mid-teenage years. But sadly, it all ended.On ...

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