Lessons learned throughout my journey at El Camino College

One of my biggest problems I would say I have is taking my own advice. I have suffered the consequences because of this, but I’ve been told I’m good at giving it them out.

I would say I have learned and grown from when I first started college.

Before I came to El Camino, I was a student at Cal State Channel Islands. I only lasted a year there then later transferred here.

Me transferring to a community college was something that I never thought I’d do. I’m the first in my family to attend college, so I didn’t have much guidance on what and what not to do.

Not to mention my high school suffered through major budget cuts my senior year and got rid of our college advisors making the process even more confusing.

But it’s honestly one of the best decisions I ever made. I got a chance to take as many classes as I wanted while trying to figure out what my major would be all at a reasonable price.

An important thing to know is that you should never procrastinate. This is a horrible habit I have had trouble of breaking.

I have had many freak outs over studying last minute or trying to finish a five-page assignment in under an hour. But the times that I have planned out my study and homework hours life was much more relaxed.

I’ve been in college for about four years now which feels like an eternity. Especially, when you scroll through your Instagram and see that most of your friends are already graduating and you are just about to transfer.

While half of me is paranoid at the thought of falling even more behind, the other half of me has come to learn that taking your time is OK.

Everyone goes at their own pace as long as you finish and meet your goal everything will eventually fall into place