Technology makes us better and more efficient


Illustration by Eugene Chang/ Union

Millennials lives are easier compared to older generations due to an increase in technology, and job positions that don’t require much skill.

First of all, technology has facilitated our lives in such a way that homework is no longer a hassle when searching for information.

This generation doesn’t know the struggle of searching for information by using a book from the library. We have everything at the tip of our fingers.

A major argument that has been made is that millennials are too dependent on our parents and that we don’t know how to survive in this world without their protection.

As a person growing up with this generation, I have personally encountered people that think we have it easy because most of us still depend on our parents.

For previous generations, once they turned 18 they went off to live on their own and learned how to make big decisions, without consulting any other adult.

According to a New York Times article, a study was done in which they found that 67 percent of 18 to 34-year-olds are living independently, while 33 percent of us are living at home with our parents.

For the millennials, living with our parents has been mostly a good thing, but it has impacted our society in a negative way.

According to this article, housing sales have gone down even though prices have lowered. This generation is one that has not had the responsibility to maintain a household of our own.

Even though many may see this as a negative thing, living with our parents makes our load easier when it comes to paying bills and school loans.

Education, for us, is important because we have been able to see the doors it opens and the opportunities that wait for us once we receive our college and university degrees.

Most of our lives are easier compared to older generations because some of us feel like we don’t even need degrees to get jobs.

For example, whenever I go grocery shopping, there are self-service machines that facilitate the way we pay. Whenever I go near the self-service machines there is usually one person showing people how to use those machines.

Many see these machines as a negative thing, but they are so much more convenient when we are in a rush or when we don’t feel like dealing with a cashier’s attitude.

An increase of technology has been a great thing because they have made our lives so much easier.

Besides self-service machines and computers, cell phones are a device that have made communication much easier.

Many argue that because of technology, the human touch has been lost and that sometimes we no longer feel empathetic toward one another.

However, cell phones are a great thing because we are able to keep in touch with friends and family that live far away.

This has been made possible through the use of programs such as Skype, that allows us to see one another, even if through a screen, in the midst of our busy lives.