Up for Debate: Part time (with a job)

Just like full time students, part time students have to keep up their academics along with handling work outside of school. But part time students don’t have the luxury of being full time without a job; the majority of students are part time because they have to juggle their academic lives with their jobs or careers.

These students deserve the proper support for what they get accomplished in 24 hours.

According to a topic brief by Indiana University, “many students work while attending college because of different dilemmas or set backs when it come to their diverse needs.”

College students having responsibilities outside of the classroom has become the norm. This may include taking care of a household, being the breadwinner, having to pay the bills for their education, on top of paying other bills.

There are many reasons why students attend college part time instead of full time. Many have taken time off from getting a degree and settled into a job that can provide benefits as well as basic necessities to live. So they get their careers started to one day be able to attend college again when it best fits their schedules.

According to the US News & World Report, “part time students develop different ways to improve learning and budgeting skills while managing their time as a student worker.” In addition, the time working can also help build their resumes and perfect other skills while in the work force.

Students work to save for their future education at a four year university or take time to network in a career around their majors. This is a good way to put themselves through college by working and taking time to achieve financial stability as an adult in community college.

There have been dramatic changes in how students fund their college educations. Students range from different ages, academic strengths and economic backgrounds. With this comes an even bigger range of different reasons students have to fund their education.

Although working may be an issue for students schedules, many have no choice but to work to fund their education or lives. At the end of the day, a student can obtain a degree while working and attending college.