Up for Debate: Traditional is the way to go

Valentine’s Day about that one lucky person special enough to be shot by Cupid’s Arrow. It’ s unlike any holiday because you chose this one person to express your love and gratitude for them, so naturally they deserve toreceive something extra special. It doesn’t have to be expensive or grand, but it should hit their soft spot, and technology cannot do that.

Yes, anyone would be happy to receive a new iPhone, but that’s the point… anyone would be happy. Technology won’t make your significant other feel anymore special than anyone else in your social circle by receiving something from Radio Shack. Valentine’s Day gifts should have a personal touch to them rather than something mass-produced that the whole world is yearning for.

There are so many other holiday opportunities to buy technology: holidays that are not meant to be romantic. Valentine’s Day should be filled with personalized romance.

Write your special someone a heartfelt poem explaining why you care about him or her. Bring your sweetheart chocolates and red roses to make her feel appreciated. Make your beau a scrapbook of all your memories together.

Valentine’s Day gifts shouldn’t feel the same as a birthday gift because everyone celebrates birthdays, and only some get to celebrate the holiday of love. Not everybody is lucky enough to even have a Valentine, therefore that person deserves to feel one-in-a-million.

One Valentine’s Day my boyfriend of a very long time surprised me with a deck of cards, but these were no ordinary cards. On each of the fifty-two cards he wrote down a reason why he loved me. I had never felt so special, lucky, and loved in my whole entire life. He didn’t spend a lot of money, but I felt like he had handed me a million dollars. I would trade in a brand new tablet for that deck of cards any day. I promise that I would not have felt that special if I had opened a present from the Apple Store.

Nothing beats a gift that is thoughtful, romantic, original, and not massed produced. Everybody deserves to feel like they’re someone’s world, and technology just cannot achieve that