Up for Debate: Traditional vs. technology

For those looking for a Valentine’s Day gift to give your loved one this year, a technological gift can be a good alternative to the ol’ candy and flowers. Electronics such as smart phones and tablets will last the user a lot longer and prove a convenient acquisition in the long run. They can make up for a lousy Christmas present and can make a loved one’s day.

Sales in electronic stores boost around this holiday. Advertisers target Valentine’s as a the next big sales month after the busy Christmas season and prior to the slower summer months. It serves as a nice revenue boost before the summer months.

Electronics also tend to last longer than the traditional gifts and prove to be more productive in the person’s life. A plush toy might be a nice token of affection but electronics are more likely to be used on a regular basis. Items such as cell phones, laptops and tvs are used almost daily by users and have become an necessity in tems of work and education not to metion entertainment.

For the electronics fanatics year-round tech gifts are a norm so a more conventional present would probably fall short of expectation. For gamers, the hottest new game will never fail to whet they’re appetite. PC aficionados customize they’re machines frequently to maximize its power. Phones are also constantly being upgraded such as the iPhone that sells millions on the first day.

The price range of electronics is also flexible enough to serve most budgets. While many may think that technological devices are too expensive for the thrifty shopper, a less costly alternative could include video games, movies, or even gift cards for online merchandise. These items tend to cost less than $50 in most electronic stores.

For those with a bigger budget however, the more costly items are ideal. Game consoles, tvs and smartphones are popular amongst this more upscale category. These products tend to last the user years and serves as a constant reminder of that particular Valentine’s.

Christmas shopping can be hectic and scarce items go off the shelfs quick so sometimes bad luck will result in mediocre holiday gifts. If the Christmas gift you gave your loved one wasn’t up to par this past year a good Valentine’s Day gift would go a long way to making up for it. It will certainly be less crowded in stores.

If creativity is sought this February 14, a tech accessory can be the answer. Customizable cell phone cases have so many variations that it’s hard not to find one that you’ll like. Digital photoframes are also a nice way to share your precious memories with your loved one.

Tech gifts are often considered to be mostly for guys but so many electronics are universally for all. Mobile devices unquestionably are used by both sexes as are accessories such as earphones, stereos, and countless others. There is sure to be a tech item for all tastes.

So when this Valentine’s Day comes along, consider gifts that will your loved one will use day after day. With creative gadgets to fit every lifestyle the modern present will prove a greater hit this February 14.