Up For Debate

Up For Debate

“Can students live without their
digital devices?”

Argument: Yes


College students these days are
constantly on the move.  To keep up with their busy, bustling life
styles, these students have to learn how to mulit-task, there is
simply no other choice.  Thanks to digital devices, like the
Blackberry, iPhones, and personal laptops, college students can stay
up to date on entertainment, news, and even their own circle of
friends.  Unfortunately, as always, too much of a good thing can end
up being a bad thing.  Because it is so much easier to stay connected
to everything and everyone, college students have become lazy,
self-centered, and just plain annoying.  Once upon a time, we have
lived without the aid of technology and things still got done on
time.  Living without these digital devices I believe would actually
prove beneficial for current and future college students.

Most college students would argue that
their personal digital devices are essential for completing their
day-to-day tasks.  Schedules, homework and contacts are all available
to them instantly on their new smart phones or high tech laptops.  If
for some reason, any of these digital devices stop working or are
stolen, what then?  What is frightening to me is that most students
would go into crisis mode and turn into helpless babies.  Somehow,
weekly planners, notebooks, and address and phone books have vanished
and there is no way to get anything done!

This is simply preposterous.  Sure,
technology is very useful and helps us complete tasks at faster
rates, but all of these things can still be done the old fashioned
way.  Homework, most times is still accepted hand written if not,
there really is no need to run out and buy an expensive laptop,
colleges provide desktop computers for students to use when they need
them.  Research can still be done with the help of a professional
librarian at your school’s library and most professors require at
least a few book sources for research papers anyway.  And what ever
happened to landlines?  Does anyone use them anymore?  Besides there
really isn’t a need for that either, face-to-face interactions are
much more meaningful than the generic, “sup,” text message.  To
be honest, having a class period without interruption of vibrating
phones or text message jingles could be a real blessing.

I am in no way saying that technology
should be eradicated.  However, I do believe that college students
have learned to rely on it heavily everyday.  Life shouldn’t come
to a halt because you have no Internet connection or your phone died.
We can live without the constant aid of technology; we just have to
remember how.