Is an A.A. degree valuable? NO

An Associate in Arts degree may grant some seniority over the high school sophomore when applying for that job that requires one to ask, “Would you like fries with that?”

But don’t expect too many other perks from the degree alone.

OK, so it will go a little further than that, but without completing at least a bachelor’s degree, it is unlikely that a person with an A.A. degree will be earning a significant amount of money per year.

Most employers at high-paying jobs will not even look at an application if he or she knows the person applying for it is not a university graduate.

It is absolutely necessary to get a high school diploma or at least a GED certificate in order to get into college; however, it is not necessary to have an A.A. degree in order to move on to a university from a community college.

It is not necessary to earn an A.A. degree in order to transfer from EC to any other university in the United States.

In fact, if one decides to go to a private university such as the University of Southern California, Loyola Marymount University or Chapman University, one doesn’t even need to have completed 60 transferable units; students can transfer at any time.

Students might as well meet with a counselor and then fill out the application to apply for an A.A. degree as long as they are planning on earning 60 units before transferring.

However, if one is planning on transferring before receiving 60 units, here’s some advice: say to yourself in your best Italian accent, “Ah, forget about it.”

The bachelor’s degree is the real ticket towards landing a good job.

If a person with a bachelor’s degree and a person with an A.A. degree are applying for the same job, there is little doubt that the position will be given to the person with the higher degree.

An A.A. degree shows that a student has completed at least two years at a community college, but most employers want to see four whole years of college completed, not just two.

Think about the commercials that are on in the middle of the day, the ones that say that one’s dream job of becoming a dentist’s assistant or an aviation technician is achievable by getting a degree at their school in a matter of months, not years.

An A.A. degree is similar to the technical degrees earned at those schools and is good for getting those kinds of jobs.

Not to knock these professions in any way, but they tend to not make a great deal of money.

The way the economy is, it is hard in this society to survive; one has to earn as many degrees as possible to reap full potential and earn a decent salary.

An A.A. degree is certainly not a bad thing in any way, shape or form.

It is, after all, still a degree; it is certainly better than not having any degree at all.

However, an A.A. degree by itself is not the most promising guarantee in the world, and probably will not earn the greatest amount of money.

A good majority of students are going to EC to save money now and transfer in about two years to a university where they can earn a bachelor’s, a master’s or even a doctorate degree.

If one plans on getting 60 units and gets close enough to receive an A.A. degree then, of course, get it.

It is something to fall back on upon discovering that life at another university is too difficult, or if it is just not to your liking.

Even if one drops out, there will still be a degree that proves that you are a step above those with only a high school diploma.

With so much competition in this day and age to get decent employment, it is crucial to become educated and earn as many degrees as possible.

An A.A. degree is not bad, but it certainly cannot compare with someone who holds a bachelor’s or a master’s degree.

Go ahead, get that A.A. degree. While you’re at it, go for that bachelor’s and maybe the master’s degree, too.

And here’s some extra advice for students out there who want to make the best of their education: Reach your full potential and don’t just settle for an A.A. degree by itself.